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Sardinia is even a sacred place, where often the mystical mingles with the secular, but always with recognition and gratitude for tradition. It is precisely its origins that make the inhabitants, the men and women that live here, proud of this wonderful land.

That is why those who choose to come here on holiday, are intrigued by the events that are organised with so much passion and devotion.
One of these, the Holy Week in Castelsardo, begins on the Monday after Palm Sunday and takes the name of “Lunissanti”.
Another important event, in spring (on the penultimate Sunday in May), is the “Cavalcata Sarda” (Sardinian Cavalcade) in Sassari; it involves hundreds of people, as well as dozens of horses and knights who parade in traditional costume.
The centres adjacent to Baiaverde provide many activities that often mix the sacred and the secular, but that nevertheless have a certain charm that is very powerful and that are truly significant for both grownups and children alike.

Again, not far from our establishment, on August 14 it is possible to attend the “Candelieri” (Candlesticks) in Sassari (about 45 km from Baiaverde). This event, of singular importance, has become “an Italian Heritage of Tradition” helping to enhance its image around the world, thanks to the significant recognition granted to it by the Ministry of Tourism. This event, which is one of the most significant in Sardinia, may soon become a UNESCO heritage event in as much as it helps to compete for the inclusion in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
An event which attracts a great many people is the famous “Ardia” horseback descent, which takes place about 70 km from Baiaverde in Pozzomaggiore. A really colourful event in costume, which is evocative of the past. An absolute delight for you to capture in your photos.
But there are so many events that every year, and throughout every season, are organised not far from our establishment. In order not to miss out on any of these events, guests will find all the information they require and all the curiosities and details about each individual event at the reception desk.