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Fun and Adventure

How do you imagine your holidays in Sardinia?

If you look for a holiday of comfort and contact with nature here at Baiaverde you’ll find everything you need for a holiday easy and relaxing inside the village, entertaining and informative outside.

In addition to its beauty, the nature in Sardinia is in fact a source of fun and learning for the whole family. The Baiaverde resort is on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty, not far from the mouth of the river Coghinas, nown to native flora and fauna sometimes rare. The river routes, the climatic conjunctures and the attitude of Sardinians to seek an intimate contact with nature, have made this area particularly rich in ideas and activities in contact with nature for the whole family.

Here at the Baiaverde you can build your holiday day by day, choosing the opportunities that add the right amount of adventure for you and your children:

Bird watching and boat trips along the river Coghinas

If you have always thought that bird watching is an activity for students or lovers,...

Canoe and kayak excursions, river descents along the river Coghinas

Canoe and Kayak are sporting activities for everyone, regardless of the degree of training, the...

Cycling and mountain bike-cycling: trails for adults and mountain bikes for adults and children

If you love road cycling or mountain biking in the countryside, you will be happy!...


Do you want to try the thrill of seeing the world from above? The thrill...

Sailing: lessons and sailing courses individual and collective for adults, children and families.

Just 800 m away from our village, even for newbies, average or experienced professionals you...

Side by side (a quad version more secure and stable)

Easy and fun. Teens and adults go crazy of excitement and fun!

The side-by-side is’ a...

Trekking for adults and Trekking with children

The wild nature of our island, its hydro-geological structure, rolling hills that alternate with rugged...

Windsurf, Wakeboard; Kite Surf and Stand up

AE Surf Point, is the company we selected as partner for individual and group lessons...