Fun and Adventure - Bird watching and boat trips along the river Coghinas Valledoria Hotel

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Bird watching and boat trips along the river Coghinas

If you have always thought that bird watching is an activity for students or lovers, you’ll change your mind!

Try to imagine the excitement of the children when they will be given a pair of binoculars, they will go on a catamaran and know Giosuè Serreli, “the freshwater man “, as defined by the Touring for the commendable efforts in photographic census of birdlife Mouth of the River Coghinas.

It is a trip / adventure, fascinating, celebrated by thousands of tourists every year for its natural beauty and landscape of this part of the river. It is no coincidence that Daria Bignardi, after an excursion with Joshua, has set right here some scenes of his novel “The perfect acoustics”.

However, this is not about to describe. You have to see for yourself, with your own eyes and those of the children, scrutinize, to dream, discover and learn!
The tour includes a catamaran Trip up the river. You will be guided by Giosué to discover the river, invisible from the ground. Binoculars in hand you will experience one of the most exciting experiences of bird watching and “photo hunting” of the Mediterranean.
During the tour you will learn the migratory routes of the species sighted, explained how nesting and their usual way of life in the river, you will discover the flora, I sighted marsh turtles, its many species of dragonflies…

The boat is a catamaran stable, safe and comfortable, the quality of the assembly and the structure plan makes it suitable for disabled people who can access it directly with the wheelchair.