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Places of interest

The Village is surrounded by a luxuriant, centuries-old pine forest, in an area (designated as a SIC – or area of community interest/importance) that is protected at Community level. This allows visitors to enjoy a holiday where they can come fully and directly into contact with nature. Behind the Baiaverde there is a hinterland, covered in thick Mediterranean vegetation, where visitors can take healthy walks, ride their bicycles and go horse riding. In addition to this there are also diving expeditions and visits to sites of historical and cultural interest, all of which make up an offer that is always complete and yet different.
Our staff are always on hand to advise you on the best places and itineraries, depending on how keen you are to go exploring. This is an example of just some of the cultural visits: Castelsardo, is a small hamlet perched on a headland over the sea. It is just 15 km from Baiaverde and offers countless places of interest to visit: The Castle, the panoramic terraces, the remains of the ancient walls and a cluster of alleyways, in the historic town centre, are particularly romantic and picturesque. Alghero, approximately 70 km from the village, is a destination worth dedicating at least half a day to. It is an ancient hamlet first settled by Catalans, many of whose traditions – from the dialect to the culinary influences – survive to this day. The stores and small shops represent the heart and soul of the historic town centre, which is well-maintained and crossed by narrow alleyways that are still inhabited. Particularly evocative, especially at dusk, is the walk along the ancient ramparts overlooking the sea.
For lovers of Spa centres, we recommend Casteldoria, around 10 km from the village, where it is possible to submerge oneself in the salutary spa waters and indulge in beneficial treatments that bestow wellness and relaxation.

To conclude this brief, and by no means exhaustive overview of what’s on offer, we’d like to remind you that the Club Hotel Residence Baia Verde overlooks the Gulf of the Asinara, and is part of the fantastic area known as Anglona. Moving accordingly in this direction, we then experience the pleasure of visiting such wonderful places as Stintino, Costa Paradiso and Costa Smeralda that are the paradise of this “almighty” land of Sardinia.