The Beach Club Hotel Residence Baiaverde

Hotel in Valledoria

The Beach

All those staying at Baiaverde, can opt for a number of different alternatives for their days by the sea:

Baiaverde Beach Lat. : 40.92613 , Long. : 8.79644

Baiaverde is just 120 meters from the beach of San Pietro a mare. The beach...

Castelsardo and Lu Bagnu Lat. : 40.91802 , Long. : 8.71254

Lu Bagnu, a hamlet of Castelsardo, is among the most renowned seaside resorts in northern...

Costa Paradiso Lat. : 41.05198 , Long. : 8.93863

The locality is famous for its pink granite rocks, whose tones light up at sunset...

Costa Smeralda Lat. : 41.07835 , Long. : 9.55001

Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are symbolic of Sardinia’s “high life”. It is...

Stintino Lat. : 40.96611 , Long. : 8.20861

Another location in Northern Sardinia that can only be described as magical is Stintino and...