The Beach - Baiaverde Beach Valledoria Hotel

Club Hotel Residence Baiaverde

Baiaverde Beach

Lat. : 40.92613 , Long. : 8.79644

Baiaverde is just 120 meters from the beach of San Pietro a mare. The beach can be reached without crossing any roads, thanks to a pedestrian footpath, inside the village. It’s a really long stretch of golden sand and starts from Ciaccia (a hamlet of Valledoria) and goes as far as Isola Rossa. The space is truly ample and everyone can spend time peacefully under the sun, without worrying about the proximity or presence of other tourists.
The setting is one of great visual impact and the sand, which is fine and clean, is a pleasure to walk on. At the rear of the beach there are sandy dunes and just a little further on there is a dense juniper thicket and other plant species that are typical of the Mediterranean, such as mimosas, ancient pines and eucalyptus trees. It is something we take pride in because it is one our guests’ favourite places.