The Beach - Costa Paradiso Valledoria Hotel

Club Hotel Residence Baiaverde

Costa Paradiso

Lat. : 41.05198 , Long. : 8.93863

The locality is famous for its pink granite rocks, whose tones light up at sunset to provide a very special effect. It is about 30 km from Baiaverde.
This beautiful coast offers a variety of differently named beaches waiting to make your holiday a totally relaxing experience:

The “Li Cossi” beach can be reached along a footpath that is shrouded by nature, and is a stretch of natural beach nestled between the rocks.

The “Le Baiette” cove is a small rocky inlet and it too can be reached on foot. Its particular feature is a platform that is used for sunbathing.

The “I Tamerici” cove is a small sandy inlet within easy reach, and from where it is possible to visit the area’s different bars and restaurants.

The “Le Sorgenti” cove is a beautiful descent to the sea from the cliffs and is ideal for snorkelling. Another of the area’s features, in addition to the beaches, are the natural pools, which can be reached by walking along the rocks and from where it is possible to bathe and dive directly into the sea.