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The Pine Forest

When we think of a relaxing holiday, we’re also thinking about the possibility of taking some time out to dedicate to ourselves; perhaps in the shade, reading a book that had been hidden away in a drawer for a long time, to finally write a letter to someone dear to us, or even to read through those notes we haven’t had time to reread. For many people a holiday is also this, which is why we are proud of our Pine forest. The Village is in fact immersed in a thick forest of juniper trees, pines and eucalypti, which ensure that the air is clean and naturally cooled, even on the hottest of summer days. There are many visitors who compliment us on the meticulous way in which we keep the plants and shrubs that we care for with such dedication every year.
The care is particularly for the benefit of our clients who, in our village, will find the peace and tranquillity they are seeking and in which to relax.
After a day at the beach, or doing some sporting activity, or after the different adventures of visiting some of the most important attractions of this wonderful land, a return to the village and relaxing in the pine forest – which almost seems to even talk to us, to read our thoughts and somehow absorb our state of mind – is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and healthy feelings that a holiday can reward us with.