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Wakeboarding, kite surfing and stand up at Baiaverde Breathe deeply the wind

There are those who love to live the sea feeling all the adrenaline of challenge, acrobatics and speed. Who conquers it by whizzing on the water and breathing deeply the crisp air. In the village Baiaverde there is also room for these sensations.

Thanks to the partnership with the AE Surf Point association, you can book one or more individual and group wakeboarding, kite surfing and stand up courses.


Choose your favourite water sport

Experience the courses and lessons

For each one we give you some information, to help you identify the sport that inspires you the most:

Wakeboard: it's a variant of water skiing. You are towed at low speed by a motor boat. It is fun and suitable for everyone, certainly easier if you have a good muscle and physical training that facilitates balance.

The lessons last 15 minutes and, when you become familiar with the discipline, within a few lessons, you can also try your hand at jumping and spinning. All material is provided by the organisation to carry out the activity safely.

The courses are available from April to October and are indicated from 12 years of age.

Stand Up: it's the aquatic activity of the moment! Suitable for everyone, particularly recommended for families with children. You stand, upright, on a surfboard and you paddle.

Alone or in groups you can explore riverbanks or stretches of sea. Falls in the water and small competitions, within the group, are part of the fun. All material is provided by the organisation.

Group lessons and outings are available from April to October. The activity is recommended from the age of 12 years.

Kite Surfing: getting pushed by the wind, on a surfboard that glides over the water, guided by a large sail that hovers in the sky. This is Kite surfing! To understand what this is all about you need to look at the images and try the discipline.

In contrast to the sports described so far, there is a need for theoretical and technical preparation. We can say that the first lessons constitute an "approach" to discipline. Individual or group lessons are available from April to October.

The activity is recommended from the age of 12 years for the approach and from the age of 16 to practice it according to the law.

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