Baiaverde Club Hotel Residence

The weaning period Quiet kids and serene moms

Becoming parents means learning to take care of the needs and times of a new creature, to tune in to its needs, to recognize them, to find a new balance. The mealtime is very delicate, we know this well, because every mother wants to raise her children in a healthy way and wants to live this new experience with the utmost serenity.

Listening to new mums and dads on holiday at Baiaverde Club Hotel and Residence in recent years, has allowed us to experiment and find the best solutions.

On holiday with the little ones

Enjoy your free time even while weaning

Those who still think that travelling with a new-born means staying in an apartment and taking everything from home, here in Baiaverde you have to think again.

Some time ago we asked ourselves: what could lighten Mom (and Dad) on vacation and make everyone feel really calm and relaxed?

A kitchen that takes care of your son's tummy just like you would.

And over time, thanks to the contribution of valid specialists, we have created a healthy, balanced weaning menu with genuine and always fresh ingredients.

We prepare everything here! Always and only dishes made at the moment, which meet the nutritional needs of your child, such as vegetable purée, white and red meat, creamy cheeses, chopped vegetables, easy to crush on the plate and to chew and fresh fruit smoothies.

This way, you can enjoy your meal time by comfortably sitting at the restaurant, with your family.

But there is more! If you want a quarter of an hour of peace and quiet to have a serene chat with your partner, our entertainment staff will follow your child at lunch and dinner!

If you then want to integrate or make some changes to our fresh preparations, by taking care of some food yourself, all you need to do is request the activation of the hob in your suite, and you have all the flexibility and freedom you desire.

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