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Babies who are weaning and their untroubled mums

It is easy to understand how delicate becoming parents can be, and for some the weaning period can prove stressful. It calls for hard work in the kitchen, preparing new foods, finding just the right combination of tastes, thicknesses and flavours to satisfy the baby’s palate, ensuring that every meal is fresh and well-balanced.

We have spoken to so many mums and dads who believed that the only type of holiday was one an apartment. So year after year we have geared ourselves up, we have consulted specialists and we have experimented with the appropriate made to measure formula for mum and dad. This has resulted in a well-balanced, varied menu prepared exclusively with natural products: pureed vegetables; white and red meats; vegetables in pieces to be mashed in the plate; fresh fruit smoothies; creamy cheeses. Everything is fresh and prepared by us – and that’s why we do not provide any pre-prepared early childhood products. But there’s more! Mums can also choose to combine our freshly made preparations with their own: all they need to is to ask for the hob – with which every suite is equipped – to be activated in order to change or adjust our basic products at will. So there you have it!

And the icing on the cake? The activities team is available at meal times, allowing mums and dads to have a quarter of an hour to chat in peace and quiet at the dining table (15/6 – 13/9)