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Families on holiday

In over twenty-five years we have truly welcomed thousands of them. We have listened and responded to their requests, discussed different needs and solutions and have tried and tested everything, in order to ensure “our” families will experience holidays that are both trouble-free and rewarding.

We believe we have done a good job, or at least this is what our guests – who came here with their parents when they were children and who have now returned with children of their own – tell us.

 What we can offer a family with small children, youngsters or teenagers is:

  • Safety and Security: the village is contained within boundaries that are well segregated from the outside.
  • Spaces: large, extended, varied, out in the open air. With us children can give expression to their energy and they can run, dance, jump and go wild. The areas that are less suitable for them to roam freely in – for example, the pool area – are fenced-in and always supervised during opening hours.
  • Affability: one of the primary criteria for recruiting our staff, whether or not they will come into close contact with children, is their likeability and their empathy for our younger guests. With us, the round of greetings is endless, right from the very start. We know all the little ones by name, we never miss out on an opportunity to give them an affectionate pat or to play funny little games so they get to know us.
  • A dedicated program of activities (from 13/06 til 11/09): varied but always in a playful, soft way and never stressful or competitive. Being with us is fun, it is not about winning!
  • Help at meal times (from 13/06 til 11/09): even mum and dad have the right to a bit of peaceful rest time and to enjoy a conversation in peace and quiet during their meal, don’t you think? With the activities team help is at hand. Once they have finished eating, the children are kept busy in the room adjacent to the restaurant with table games, colouring-in, songs and fairy tales. They will never be out of sight of mum and dad, who can enjoy their meal in peace.