Baiaverde Club Hotel Residence

Семейный отдых

За более чем 25 лет работы у нас отдыхали тысячи семей.

Мы удовлетворили множество требований, нашли множество подходящих решений – все для того, чтобы «наши» семьи могли провести спокойный и полный удовлетворения отпуск.

Мы считаем, что проделали отличную работу, по крайней мере, так говорят наши клиенты, которых мы знали еще детьми, и которые теперь приезжают уже со своими отпрысками!

Откройте для себя каникулы года в Баяверде

Here are the words of a family vacation:

  • Safety: because all areas of the village are protected, without road crossings
  • Open spaces: you can count on plenty of space, all natural, where you can leave your children free to run and have fun. Where this is not advisable, e.g. in the swimming pool area, these spaces are specially fenced and guarded during opening hours



  • Staff reliability: children hear everything, they perceive who they're dealing with much better than adults. For this reason we select every member of staff, even those who do not have close contact with children, giving priority to empathy, sensitivity and sympathy. In the village we know all the children by name and we spontaneously create a relationship of affection and trust that shines through in the small gestures, like a caress or a funny little game given to let them recognise us
  • Dedicated activities: from 15 June to 13 September we organise an entertainment program for every taste and need
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Nota bene:

Viaggi con 2 bambini sotto i 3 anni? 

In formula hotel il primo bambino è gratuito (pernottando nel letto dei genitori), mentre il secondo paga solo una quota del 30% della tariffa adulto. 

Il preventivo online non calcola questa cifra, che va aggiunta al totale e saldata in hotel.

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